How You Can Help

Helping Hands for Nepal works closely with a Nepalese charity group, based in Kathmandu they are able to reach many rural areas and currently they are helping 60 sponsored children. But there are many more needing our help.

Every £1 we raise goes directly to help the children in Nepal, and in return for your help, we will regularly update you on the progress of your sponsored child. Here are some of the ways your donation will help:

There are many children in Nepal who have lost family and the stories of their lives are heartbreaking. Maybe they lost their mother or father, or in some circumstances, both parents have been lost and the wider family looks after the child.

If you would like to make a real difference in the life of a child in Nepal here are some ways you, and your friends, can help:

A child’s education as a Day Student including all books, notebooks and pencils costs £500 per year (a direct debit of £42 per month).

A school bench and writing desk set for four students cost £100

Two sets of uniforms for one child, including sports gear costs £60 per year

To repaint a whole classroom cost £150

A £5 monthly donation will mean the world of difference to one child and collectively will make a huge difference to many children.

The orphanage at Kalikot