Classroom Desk Contribution


While a desk may seem like a simple piece of furniture, its presence in a poor rural community classroom in Nepal plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of education, promoting student well-being, and creating an environment where learning can flourish.

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Just choose the number of £5 donations you would like to contribute to make up the total, ie 5 x £5 donations to contribute £25 in total.

Transform the life and education of a child in Nepal with virtual gifts from Helping Hands for Nepal. These meaningful presents can be acquired on behalf of your loved ones to commemorate birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion. Upon purchasing a virtual gift, a personalized gift certificate detailing the impact of the donation will be sent to your friends and family either through postal mail or email. All proceeds from these gifts contribute directly to our mission of improving early years education in Nepal.

After placing your order, kindly send an email to with recipient details and personal message, if desired.


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