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In the heart of Semjong, a small community nestled amid the dramatic Himalayan hills and vibrant landscapes, a beacon of hope and progress has emerged – the completion of the primary school extension. AmaDablam Cashmere has been proud to be an integral part of this project. This transformative project stands as a testament to the power of community collaboration and the unwavering commitment to providing quality education for the young minds of Semjong.

Almost Finished – rear view

The Vision:

The vision for the Semjong Primary School extension was rooted in a deep understanding of the community’s needs. With an increasing population and a growing demand for quality education, the decision to expand the existing school was not just a necessity but a symbol of the community’s dedication to investing in its future.

The roof sheets will last for many years

The Planning Phase:

Before the first brick was laid, extensive planning and consultation took place. Community members, educators, and local authorities worked hand-in-hand to envision a space that would accommodate more students and provide a conducive learning environment. Architects and builders were brought in to ensure that the extension seamlessly integrated with the existing structure while incorporating modern amenities.

Construction Journey:

The construction journey of the Semjong Primary School extension was a collaborative effort which started with the team at This small, but very focused team, brought together skilled workers, enthusiastic volunteers, and dedicated professionals. From laying the foundation to raising the walls and installing classrooms, every step was executed with precision and care. This shared commitment sped up the construction and fostered a sense of pride and ownership among the people of Semjong.

Teachers taking a minute to enjoy the new View
Teachers taking a minute to enjoy the new View

Request for Support and Sponsorship:

As we bask in the achievement of completing the Semjong Primary School extension, we humbly seek your support and sponsorship to furnish this new space with essential learning tools. While the additional classrooms stand as a testament to progress, we recognize the need for proper infrastructure to facilitate an optimal learning environment.

Our vision includes providing students with well-equipped classrooms, complete with desks and tables that foster a conducive atmosphere for learning. Currently, the classrooms are awaiting the addition of these essential furnishings, and your support can play a crucial role in turning these spaces into vibrant centres of education. Your sponsorship for desks and tables will not only contribute to the physical comfort of our students but will also enhance their overall learning experience.

We kindly request your generosity in supporting the Semjong Primary School extension by sponsoring desks and tables, thereby ensuring that every student has a dedicated and comfortable space for their academic journey. Your contribution will make a lasting impact on the educational landscape of Semjong, fostering an environment where knowledge and community thrive together. Contact us to arrange your donation on – no amount is too small (or too large!)

Celebrating the Completion:

The completion of the primary school extension will be marked with a small ceremony in March when we visit to finalise the furniture, painting and resources. The celebration will be attended by community members, local leaders, and educators.

The building is earthquake resistant

Looking Ahead:

The Semjong Primary School extension project stands not only as a physical structure but as a symbol of the community’s dedication to nurturing its children and building a brighter future. As the school opens its doors to a new academic year, the Semjong community eagerly anticipates the positive impact this extension will have on the education and overall development of its youth.


The successful completion of the Semjong Primary School extension is a beacon of hope, a celebration of community spirit, and a testament to what can be achieved when people come together for a common purpose. As Semjong looks ahead, the extension stands as a lasting legacy, providing a solid foundation for generations to come and ensuring that the flame of knowledge continues to burn bright in this close-knit community.

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